8 of the hottest streetwear trends for 2023

Streetwear can be defined as fashionable, casual clothing worn by followers of popular culture. It also has close associations with young people under 30 residing in urban areas and hobbies such as skateboarding and hip hop music. As many celebrities and fashion models have popularized streetwear, it is worth taking a look at some of the hottest streetwear trends for 2023.

Firstly, while the 2000s were characterized by baguette bags, velour tracksuits, low rise jeans and bandage dresses, 2023 has witnessed a return of baggy jackets, oversized trousers, and trendy accessories, all of which were popular in the 1990’s. In fact, one trend that is taking the world by storm is jumpsuit rompers as not only are they comfortable and versatile, but they are also fashionable and chic. Streetwear fans have also been getting creative with the trendy biker jumpsuit-romper by styling it in different ways. For example, many people have been pairing this item of clothing with blazers or long coats to spruce up their outfit.

Furthermore, cargos are another staple of streetwear, and they are popular as in many cases they are more practical and offer a higher level of comfort than full-length trousers. Nowadays, cargos are widely available and are a great way to remain stylish whilst adhering to the streetwear trends. In terms of colors, there are also many to choose from and male customers in 2023 tend to opt for the outdoor utility styles, with 75% of sales made up of black, green, brown and grey.

Of course, maxi skirts cannot be overlooked when it comes to streetwear and there are many materials to choose form including silk, knitted, pleated or cotton. Maxi skirts create that effortless look and they suit every type of occasions and season. Whether you are opting for a casual fashion look or more edgy one, maxi skirts are the perfect option.

Another streetwear trend for 2023 is the varsity jacket which has been adapted in recent years to be a more inclusive Prep Boy style that encompasses a new kind of self-expression. Now the most popular types of varsity jackets have embroidered patches as well as embellishments to appeal to a younger audience.

Denim is another key trend for streetwear in 2023. From baggy denim jackets to denim jeans, denim is renowned not only for its many styles and contemporary look but also its durability. For those wanting to break into the realm of streetwear, purchasing one pair of high-quality jeans can last for years and years and usually with age denim becomes even more chic.

When talking about streetwear trends, we also need to discuss the rise of fuzzy fleeces. Now available in an array of bold colors, patterns and prints, this cozy fleece keeps wearers warm during the colder months while making a fashion statement. Many of these types of fleeces also have a reversible style meaning that your money will go even further.

As always, tank tops will continue to be a marker of streetwear in 2023 for any type of fashionista. Whether they are cropped, tied, plain or lightweight, tank tops are hailed for being breathable as well as having a cooling effect which can be great for the warmer months. With tanks tops, there is also no need to sacrifice comfort as they are made from a stretchy fabric which is designed to allow you have freedom of movement.

In addition to tank tops, basketball and football jerseys have also become a staple of streetwear fashion. Sportswear has been a strong influence on streetwear trends since its creation and in 2023 this trend is no different. With flexible and stretchable fabric, many people are turning to jerseys as they suit any body type.

Ultimately, 2023 has truly seen the return of streetwear trends. From jumpsuit rompers and cargos to maxi skirts and fuzzy fleeces, it seems that in the future more and more people will be wearing streetwear.

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