Ammunition Focus – What Hexolit 32 Rounds Offer to Hunters

Are you a fan of hunting big game? Is there nothing that fills you with excitement more than when you’re out on the trail, tracking a bear or moose through the terrain? If so, you need a shotgun round that you can rely on to provide the stopping power when needed. A product we’ve seen that meets this need rather well are Hexolit 32 fragmenting slugs. 

What is it makes them different from regular shotgun rounds? That’s what we seek to provide some clarity on in this article. Let’s start by talking about their unique design. 

The Unique Design of Hexolit 32 Shells 

From the outside, the shells look much like any other, aside from the fact that you can see through to the inside – and that’s where the differences lie. Just like their less-powerful Dupo 28 cousins, they’re designed for maximum impact, as their inner workings fragment to ensure the beast you’re shooting at is killed quickly and as painlessly as possible. 

Weighing in at 32 grams, the shell has an intriguing inner design. By breaking one open, you’ll find something inside that more closely resembles a car component. This metal inner expands and fragments when it hits the target.

It’s Not An Expander Though – It’s a Fragmenting Round 

When a Hexolit 32 round is fired at a target, it flies through the air at some 1400 ft per second, and it causes maximum damage when hitting what you’re aiming at. Upon impact, this round not only expands but also fragments (breaks apart), with many little pieces (up to 6) hitting the vital organs of your prey.

It’s a relatively heavy field load too, weighing in at 1⅛th of an ounce compared to standard shells which are typically around an ounce. 

Ideal Use Case – When Stopping Power Is What Matters

So, when would you use a round like this one? Well, when you absolutely cannot afford to risk what you’re shooting at not dropping to the floor. For instance, if you get charged by a bear, you need something that’s noisy, scary and packs a real punch. Hit a bear with a fragmenting round and not only will you likely kill it, but if you don’t, you’ll put it off from coming near you again. 

When hunting prey with a shotgun, you also want your kills to be clean, and this Hexolit shell creates a shockwave that essentially halts the vital functions of the animal. Fragmenting also causes a large entry hole and huge blood tracks, so the beast most often goes out like a light.

Hexolit 32 Shotgun Rounds – Power When You Need It Most

What you get with this shotgun round is perhaps the hardest-hitting impact of any shell you’ll find on the market. It’s the ideal choice for anyone for whom stopping power is the most important factor. 

These babies are mean and provide all the power you need to protect yourself when out hunting, as well as to take down big game in the most humane way possible. For these kinds of applications, for us, it’s the best and most effective option. 

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