Are You Up To Date With The FIFA 23 Gameplay Changes?

The most recent FIFA 23 update takes care of gameplay issues such as referee logic in various situations and players using the correct moves.

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FIFA 23 Gameplay Updates

Players won’t turn at great speeds when they use the directional nutmeg move. The ball is not sent too far away after tackles anymore. Players won’t run over the ball when they try to shield at a high speed. Goalkeepers won’t trigger save animations in one direction and then switch to another direction during a penalty kick. Under pressure goalkeepers won’t fail to catch the ball instead of punching it anymore. Jostling animations are now correctly displayed. The assistant referee will make better decisions when calculating potential offside situations after a physical challenge. Goalkeeper animations will properly play when trying to dive at the feet of the player who has the ball. The players won’t wrongly fail to control the ball when they receive a pass. The player’s legs will show the correct animation when jumping. There was something wrong as well with the feet animation when the player was turning with the ball. The referee logic for red cards in breakaway situations was made better. Requested shots will not turn into tackles anymore. The requested power shot will be performed when the ball can be volleyed. The defender won’t incorrectly try to take the ball with a dribble when the player with the ball is running in front of them. The defender will use a tackle instead. The referee’s logic when calculating fouls after risky challenges was improved. The slide tackle animations are not correctly displayed. The referee will also have better logic when establishing advantage versus penalty kick calls. The match will continue after the ball goes out of play. The animation for the drag to drag moves was fixed. The effectiveness of the through passes made by computer-controlled footballers was increased. The animation for backwards running was fixed. The goalkeepers will not fail to catch the ball in situations when they should have caught it. When the player with the ball gets a foul inside the box, a penalty kick is given in the Playable Highlights.

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