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Axios is a news website which features the top stories of the day, from politics to business to pop culture. The site also offers podcasts. One of the podcasts, which has been popular amongst listeners, is Primack’s Corner. In this article we explore the history of this podcast, the people behind it, and what makes it so popular.

Haverford College graduate

Haverford College is an Ivy League college in Haverford, Pennsylvania, just 8 miles from Philadelphia. It is a coeducational, liberal arts institution affiliated with the Friends Church and the Quaker faith.

Founded in 1833, Haverford has a strong focus on research, scholarly exploration, and ethical leadership. In addition to the traditional undergraduate curriculum, students also complete a graduate-level research project as part of their senior thesis. As a result, Haverford has a diverse student population, with 45% of its student body being people of color. The college is also home to a significant number of foreign-born students.

Haverford College’s proximity to the City of Philadelphia offers a variety of cultural and social opportunities for its students. Additionally, the school’s location provides access to a rich urban environment that includes world-class museums, sports teams, and service organizations.

Haverford College is a member of the Tri-College Consortium, which includes Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore Colleges. With more than 2,000 students and an active consortium, the schools enjoy a close relationship.

Business editor at Axios

Dan Primack is Axios’s new business editor and he’s responsible for some of the site’s most engaging content. Primack’s previous job was as a senior editor at Fortune. He also has experience in the media industry, having been an editor-at-large for Reuters and a contributor to the New York Times.

Dan is known for his coverage of mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and other high-stakes deals. Along with his colleagues, he’s a pro at distilling the big ideas into a concise and accessible format. This is especially evident in his Pro Rata newsletter, which covers the same topics as the AM version, but in a more digestible form.

The new Axios has an impressive team of experts in each of its three verticals. Axios co-founders Mike Allen, Roy Schwartz, and Jim VandeHei have assembled a savvy group of writers and editors. As of last year, there were nearly two dozen journalists on the payroll.


Axios aficionados have long clamored for a podcast version of the magazine, and they got one courtesy of the Axios podcaster, the man formerly known as Dan Zarrella. The new show debuted last week with a number of big name Axios employees in tow. Several of them are featured in the podcast, including the co-founder of the site Mike Allen and managing editor of politics Margaret Talev. Meanwhile, there’s also Axios’s newest addition, health care business reporter Bob Herman, who was on hand to discuss some of the most enlightening health care stories of recent years.

While Axios isn’t exactly known for churning out weekly podcasts, it’s still a noteworthy feat, especially in a field with so many competing services. To ensure that it remains relevant, the Axios team has incorporated several innovative features into the show, including its use of cloud-based technology, mobile content delivery, and social media monitoring. In addition, it has a robust team of producers and editors.

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