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The gaming partners primack axios is a great source for the latest information about the gaming industry. It provides a number of interesting topics, including a focus on local news-focused newsletters, target audiences for advertising, and brand awareness messaging.

Local-news-focused newsletters

Axios has launched local-news-focused newsletters across the country. With a lean, pragmatic approach, they are differentiating themselves from traditional competitors. They have announced a number of promotions in the last month.

As of today, the Axios Local newsletters have launched in 14 cities, with around 400,000 subscribers. In the third quarter of this year, Axios plans to expand into eight new markets, including Washington, DC, Austin and Boston. The company also intends to add job boards to most of its newsletters by the fourth quarter of this year.

Until now, most of the newsletters have been aggregations of local news. Each city has its own newsletter. One of the most popular, Denver, has a daily newsletter that goes out to more than 100,000 readers.

Last week, Axios CEO Jim VandeHei told investors that the company was planning to launch local-news-focused newsletters in at least seven cities. He expects to launch in at least 20 more by the end of this year.

Diversifying its ad revenue

Axios is no stranger to the advertising space. It has a rich suite of sponsorship deals, ad creative tailored to each metro, and a strong in-house measurement toolbox. While it’s not quite up there with Zynga or Facebook, Axios does boast a large and growing subscriber base spanning 24 metropolitan markets. Combined, it has more than one million subscribers.

The company has been able to leverage its location to its advantage by offering a vertically integrated, hyper local news offering. For instance, the company’s healthcare and politics coverage has its own newsletter. This, combined with the company’s ability to package subscribers into the relevant audience group (dealmakers, et al), gives the media juggernaut a unique advantage. During Q3 of this year, it topped the charts as the biggest publisher of news and opinion in the country worldnewsite.

At a time when news is still king, Axios is taking a big bite out of the competition. On top of its ad-heavy business, the company is making moves to build out its content offerings, including a new website, ad-free mobile version and a new digital magazine.

Targeting elite audiences with brand awareness messaging

Axios is not only the largest publisher of premium content in the media space, it’s also among the best at churning out content in a timely fashion. For a start, it boasts more than a million subscribers in 24 major metros across the U.S. Despite the massive scale, Axios has managed to maintain a human centric approach to its business. To boot, it has in house measurement and analytics technologies. While a recent study by the American Association of Newspapers found the average newspaper’s click through rate to be less than one percent, the same cannot be said of Axios. By leveraging a number of partnerships in the entertainment and news space, the company has been able to expand its reach.

In fact, the company is so confident in its ad serving capabilities that it has been known to strike deals with the world’s largest game studios in exchange for access to their ad space. As such, the company has been testing console gaming ads for nearly a year.

Lee is suing Conway for breach of contract

A former investor news247 com in SV Angels and now managing partner of Refactor Capital is suing his former partner, Ron Conway, for breach of contract. The investor, who has invested in companies like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Airbnb, is hoping for a $15 million to $20 million judgment against Conway.

Lee alleges that Conway obtained a loan from Rabobank’s DLL Group through a fraudulent agreement. He also alleges that Conway forged contracts with hospitals and law firms to obtain financing from private investors.

As a result of these allegations, Lee has a claim against Conway for declaratory relief and is seeking a judgment ruling that addresses Conway’s future assets. In addition, Lee is attempting to enforce a contractual provision that requires Conway to pay him 25% of the total amount.

After the complaint was filed, JC Lee notified the media. However, it appears that he did not serve POW for more than two months. While the court finds that JC Lee had a valid right to file the complaint, it rules against JC Lee’s request for attorney’s fees.

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