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The GrowMeUp project aims to develop a new type of robot to provide a range of everyday activities to elderly users. It will make use of state-of-the-art cloud computing technologies and machine learning mechanisms to continuously increase its knowledge base. The robots will also work together as a group and share information through the cloud. In this way, they will enhance each other’s capabilities and reduce the learning effort for each individual. GrowMeUp will also provide implicit support for daily activities in a human-like manner, including behaviour understanding, intelligent dialoging, and personalized services.

If you would like to try GrowMeUp for yourself, you must first download it from the Google Play store. Be aware that downloading apps from unofficial sources can cause problems with your phone. In addition to this, you can risk downloading viruses from unofficial sources. This is because the files from third-party sources are not verified by Google. Downloading apps from unofficial sources could damage your phone or corrupt your system. Moreover, you may not receive regular updates to your GrowMeUp app once you download it.

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