HealthTap Review – Features and Pricing

HealthTap is a telehealth service that offers members 24/7 access to board-certified doctors by text or video. The company also offers a library of medical questions answered by doctors and an AI-based symptom checker that can help users determine if they need to see a doctor.

It’s a great way to avoid unnecessary urgent care visits and get quick answers to your healthcare concerns. However, patients should use caution when using the service and should only ask questions that they are genuinely concerned about.

Free version

HealthTap is an online healthcare service that provides real-time access to affordable, quality care through telehealth and virtual consultations. It offers a wide range of services to its members, including doctor-ordered prescriptions, lab tests, and appointments with specialists.

The service is available for free to users, who can ask health questions to a network of U.S.-licensed physicians in 141 specialties. All of the information on HealthTap is provided by doctors and is peer reviewed to ensure quality.

To use the application, users must sign up for a free account by entering an email address and providing some basic personal information. They then need to select the physician they want to connect with.

The company says that its network of physicians spans 141 specialties and has an average of more than 21 years in practice. But some doctors aren’t comfortable with a text-based approach to communication, and the American Medical Association worries that HealthTap could replace face-to-face visits.

Basic plan

HealthTap is a leading national virtual primary care provider, providing quality health care at an affordable price. Its platform connects consumers with their long-term doctor of choice and orchestrates every ongoing health need from diagnosis through a seamless, one-on-one video visit.

It has a network of 90,000 U.S.-based doctors, who go through a rigorous credentialing process to ensure they are qualified and trustworthy. They provide medical advice on their website or via text and video chat, as well as order lab tests, prescribe medication and write prescriptions.

The company also has an enterprise program that provides specialized telehealth services to large healthcare systems and insurance companies. Its Eval360 program extends its core offering to partner health plans by enabling their primary care doctors to conduct comprehensive virtual medical evaluations and easily share useful health data back with those partner plans.

The service offers both free and paid versions. The free version does not require a subscription, while the Prime plan is $15 monthly and covers visits with a doctor trained to treat your condition.

Prime plan

HealthTap’s Prime plan provides 24/7 access to HD video, voice and text consultations with doctors. It’s available for a monthly subscription of $99 or $10 more per family member.

It also includes features that help patients manage their own health after a doctor visit, such as reminders to take meds and personalized tips. It uses AI to identify symptoms and context to determine what level of care you need, whether it’s a virtual consultation or an appointment with a real-world doctor.

For example, if you have a common condition like an asthma attack, the app can send you a list of local clinics near you that specialize in that condition. It can then help you schedule an appointment with the doctor that best suits your needs.

Premium plan

HealthTap offers a premium plan that allows users to connect with doctors for consultations via video, voice or text chat. This service is available for a monthly subscription fee of $15.

While HealthTap is not intended for emergencies, it can provide limited primary medical and mental health care, including answers to questions and prescriptions. Patients can also use the app to refer to a doctor in their area for in-person care.

The company also recently launched a program called Dr. AI to help triage users’ symptoms. The system uses algorithms to identify patterns that indicate the possibility of certain conditions.

The company’s network of doctors is growing rapidly, with more than 6,000 physicians and 500 top healthcare facilities currently participating. HealthTap CEO Ron Gutman told Business Insider that the company has trained its system on 5.3 billion questions it’s received from its members.

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