How Many Social Media Sites Are There in the World Today?

According to the Global Web Index, how many social media accounts do millennials and Gen Z users have? The number is high in some countries, while low in others. Japan has the lowest average number at 3.8 accounts per person, while India has the highest at 11.5 per person. Social media usage is commonplace for both personal and professional use, with 40% of the world’s internet users using it for work purposes. Despite that, internet usage is limited in China and the U.S.

Today, almost half of the 7.7 billion internet users use social media for product research. According to a recent study, four in ten working-age internet users access social networks to learn about a product. Of those internet users, half of them are between 16 and 24 years old. But the number of users of social media is still growing. In a recent report, Locowise said that Facebook has a 0.07% engagement rate, while a page with 100,000 fans has a 0.05 percent engagement rate.

While the top social media sites with more than 100 million users are American, Chinese social networks have gained mainstream appeal in their respective regions. Douyin, for example, became so popular in China that it has an international version called TikTok. Similarly, Facebook has 2895 million monthly active users, which is a high figure for a social network. If these figures continue to increase, the world may soon be a social media giant.

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