How To Save Money On Moving Near You

Moving is never an easy experience, especially finding affordable moving. The planning, packing, and unpacking can be draining on your energy and resources. That’s why we’ve created this list of moving tips to help you avoid many of the pitfalls that are usually associated with relocating. From what you should bring with you to how to avoid spills in your car; this list has the tricks for getting all that stuff into one place with minimal pain and strain.

Moving Tips For Your Smooth Move

Below you will find some helpful moving tips. Use these to make your move go smoothly. The more prepared you are, the easier your move will be.

PLEASE NOTE: This article is not meant to be used as a contract between the mover and the customer, nor should it be considered a complete list of do’s and don’ts. It contains guidelines that may help in making your move go more easily but it does not cover every possible situation that may occur during the move. 

Home Preparation

If you’ve lived in your house for some time, you may have forgotten what’s behind certain walls or doors. All it takes is an old photo album stored behind a wall to create havoc on moving day. Make a floor plan and make sure that everyone who will help with the move understands what can and cannot be moved before boxes start flying. 

This is also a good time to note any fragile belongings or items that are just too heavy for you to lift yourself. Affordable moving isn’t as difficult as it may seem!

  • Start packing — At this point, you’re ready to start packing up some of your belongings. As a rule of thumb, pack boxes that are going in the same vehicle on the same day. This will save time and money on moving day.
  • Disassemble furniture — Many items don’t need to be fully disassembled for pickup and delivery. Pre-packaged boxes like cardboard drawers and tables with removable legs are great for saving space and energy. If you really want to be thrifty, stop by a local thrift store and pick up furniture that is ready for pickup at a fraction of the price.
  • Bundle books into one package — Especially with kids, books can often be very difficult to find in bins or boxes. So if you’re packing books, pack together as many as you can. This will also help reduce the amount of space needed for storage.
  • Put away the last few items — As you pack, take some time to put away any last boxes or items that are not being packed today. That way you don’t create a mess that has to be cleaned up later.
  • Secure the yard — If you have a large lawn and garden, keep an eye out for loose items before you start packing up.

Finally, you should beware of pests. Common vermin like crane flies and carpenter ants are often out looking for new homes when your move is taking place. Many times, these insects will build their nests in old cardboard boxes.


Packing up is never easy, but having a pre-planned list of items helps to keep you on task. Do not forget to pack toiletries and cosmetics as many moving companies will not accept these items in their vehicles.

When it comes to affordable moving your prized possessions, be sure to mark down everything that is important before you start packing up your goods. As a rule of thumb; if you’re not going to need it beyond the day of moving, consider sending it back home with a family member or friend. This will help save time and money in the long run. To keep costs low for the customer, most moving companies have some sort of limit on what they can take from the home.

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