Should you see an employment attorney? Check here!

As an employee, you may run into trouble with your employer for many reasons. Like many states, New York is an at-will state for employment. An employer can choose to fire an employee without giving a notice or stating a reason. However, employees have rights in various circumstances. Reputed law firms like Carey & Associates, P.C. offer all the support that clients need for their employment-law-related disputes. Below is a quick overview of the common situations when hiring a lawyer becomes necessary.

Common reasons to meet an employment lawyer

  1. You were not paid by your employer
  2. Your employer didn’t pay you for overtime work
  3. You suffered sexual discrimination at work
  4. You were subjected to sexual remarks or comments
  5. You were wrongfully terminated from the job
  6. You were denied a promotion because you are pregnant
  7. You have faced discrimination because of your age, race, religion, or disability
  8. Your employer retaliated against you for engaging in whistleblowing activities

When is the right time to contact an employment lawyer?

Ideally, you should see an employment lawyer as soon as you believe something is not correct. If you reported the matter to your employer but didn’t get the necessary response or help, you have the right to take further legal action. For instance, if you were subjected to sexual harassment by a supervisor and filed a complaint, your employer cannot fire you in retaliation. Your lawyer will help file an administrative complaint, which is the first step that you would probably take outside of the company.

How much will an employment lawyer charge?

The answer depends largely on the facts of the case. Generally, you can expect an attorney to charge an hourly rate or a retainer fee. Still, if there is financial compensation involved, they may also work on a contingency arrangement. The good news is most lawyers will be happy to give you an estimate in advance so that you understand the cost of the legal battle. If a good lawyer comes for a higher price, that extra is worth paying. 

Final word

When at loggerheads with your employer, you should take all possible steps to resolve the conflict internally. However, there are many situations where you may have to go up against your company and take steps to protect your rights and interests. An employment lawyer is your best advocate as you deal with the circumstances. A good lawyer will explain the pros and cons of all available options for your minishortner situation.

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