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The following article contains information on Dan Primack, a business editor at Axios. It covers his background, his career, and a few of his upcoming projects.

Dan Primack is a business editor at Axios.

If you’re a fan of VC, private equity or mergers and acquisitions, you’ve probably heard of Dan Primack. He’s a business editor at Axios who hosts the Re:Cap podcast. In addition, he is the author of the daily Pro Rata newsletter.

Previously, he was a senior editor at Fortune. Before that, he worked at Reuters. Currently, he’s a member of Axios’s Re:Cap team, as well as a business reporter for their email newsletter. Dan is also co-founder of The Bury, a newspaper targeting young adults.

As a business journalist, he’s reported on many deals in venture capital, private equity and mergers and acquisitions. He also covers the collision of technology and business. Dan has spoken at several conferences and he is available for speaking engagements.

He hasn’t revealed much about his personal life. He doesn’t have a high school diploma, but he does have a bachelor’s degree in political science from Haverford College. His and wife Jen Lane live in Boston, Massachusetts. They have a daughter.

Dan Primack’s background

Dan Primack has been in the business journalism industry for nearly a decade. He has worked for Fortune, Reuters, and is currently a business editor for Axios. His daily newsletter, Term Sheet, has been a popular source of information for dealmakers throughout the investment community. In January of this year, he plans to launch a new venture.

The first blog, PEHub, is scheduled to launch on Monday. It is geared towards corporate executives, VCs, and other dealmakers. According to the blog, Primack will be blogging on “a variety of topics ranging from mergers and acquisitions to the latest corporate scandals and breaking news.”

Primack is not the only journalist working in the investment world. For example, Ken Lerer is chairman of BuzzFeed, and he co-founded Huffington Post. But Primack is a journalist who is a “gumshoe leather” journalist, a term for someone who works tirelessly to dig up the truth about a story.

Primack will be joining Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen on their new venture. Together they raised $10 million for a site that they will co-own, and Primack will be the lead reporter.

Dan Primack’s career path

Dan Primack is a venture capital investor who’s made a name for himself in the public markets. He’s been an active player in the private equity market, as well. He’s been one of the founders of Series Griffin Partners, and his company is currently working with SoftBank to invest $300 million in DoorDash.

Primack’s career path is not without its flaws. But his accomplishments are many, from a co-authoring of the “Standard Model” of particle physics to his pioneering of the Congressional Science Fellows Program. And he’s a member of several of the most prestigious scientific societies in the world. In fact, he’s even made his mark on the big screen, as the principal advisor for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum’s 1996 IMAX film Cosmic Voyage.

One of the more impressive accomplishments of his illustrious career has been his work in the area of cosmology. This has included research into the formation and evolution of galaxies, as well as the study of dark matter and dark energy.

Dan Primack’s upcoming projects

Dan Primack is a business editor at Axios. He writes a daily newsletter, Pro Rata, and is a reporter covering PE, VC, and M&A. Recently, he signed on with Series Griffin Partners to develop a number of new projects, including a venture capital fund. The fund will buy a majority stake in Vivid Seats, an online ticketing marketplace, from Vista Equity Partners. In addition, he has been appointed to lead the APS Forum on Physics and Society.

Primack is the founder of the Union of Concerned Scientists, which promotes science and human rights, and helped establish the AAAS Science and Human Rights program. Primack also served as the chair of the APS Forum on Physics and Society in 2019. Before joining the APS, he was the founding director of the Federation of American Scientists, and helped establish the AAAS Congressional Science Fellows Program. His articles have appeared in a variety of professional and popular journals, as well as the World Book Encyclopedia of Science and Technology.

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