The Benefits of Including Vanilla Coconut Tea in Your Diet

Across the United States – a country that’s most associated with coffee – tea is a drink that’s growing in popularity with each passing year. Out of the countless blends that are now available on the US market, there’s one in particular that we spotted and had to tell you about. That blend is vanilla coconut tea, and it’s one that tastes just as good as it sounds. 

We could create a blog about the tastes offered by this delicious blend on its own, but instead we examine the health advantages it provides – and believe us when we say that there are many. 

Vanilla Coconut Tea is Highly Nutritious

This is blend that contains shredded coconut, which is super high in protein and other vital minerals and vitamins. The minerals you’ll find in coconut help to support a number of bodily functions, with manganese in particular providing what’s need for good bone health, as well as the metabolisation of cholesterol, carbs and proteins. 

Coconut also contains iron and copper, which are important for creating blood cells, in addition to the important antioxidant that is selenium. There’s no two ways about it, coconut tea is absolutely bursting with things your body needs. 

Antibacterial Body Support

Another great ability possessed by vanilla coconut tea is its anti-bacterial properties that are know to hold specific bacterial strains at bay. For example, studies have shown that coconut oil has the ability to restrict the growth of staph bacteria like staphylococcus aureus. 

Your body is always vulnerable to a certain extent, but the winning powers of coconut come to the fore again, halting bacteria in its tracks.

Support For Control of Blood Sugar

Coconuts are both low in carbohydrates but high in good fats and fiber, which means that it’s rather helpful when it comes to controlling your blood sugar. Combined with its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s helpful for people suffering with insulin-related issues, with its high fiber content slowing down digestion and in some cases, reversing insulin resistance. 

This is, however, a newly-studied area, so the results that have been given have been largely anecdotal rather than being grounded in science. More research is needed. 

Fighting Off Free Radicals 

If that weren’t already enough, your average coconut contains a wealth of powerful antioxidants that help the body to stave off free radical damage. Oxidative stress is something that makes you look and feel older, as what’s thrown at you in daily life takes its toll.

Coconut tea boasts a range of phenolic compounds that protect cells and help to keep you on top form. Not bad for a humble hot drink, right?

Vanilla Coconut Tea – More Than Just a Beverage!

There are drinks, and then there are DRINKS! The latter category is only filled with beverages that support the body whilst also quenching your thirst. As we can see, coconut offers a lot and brewing a cup is remarkably easy. It’s just one of the reasons why many are seeing it as their new favorite drink. 

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