The ONLY 5 Men’s Ties You Need To Own

If you’re beginning your tie collection or trying to increase the size of your existing collection, every man must have a few tie designs. Whether you’re wearing traditional thin, slim, narrow, or slim-width tie styles, these five styles are in use. Stay tuned!

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1. The Paisley Tie

Paisley tie designs can be intimidating. They’re almost always the most intricate pattern available, making them difficult to match. The paisley tie is one of the fascinating histories found in fashion and could be as old as the third century. 

Since then, it has been an iconic fashion statement that only a handful of men can pull off. The most effective method to wear a tie with a paisley pattern is to realize that it’s your attire. Wear it with simple clothing, shirts, and solid colors that go perfectly together. If it is done right, the tie with paisley is excellent in the workplace with its personality and confidence. 

2. Navy Ties

In the second tie of your wardrobe, you’re likely to need a dark navy tie to look smart at job interviews or to impress in the navy suit you’ve got. A navy tie is suitable to be worn with Khakis to create an elegant color scheme or dark denim to enhance the look of the tie. 

Don’t be confined to only the navy; feel at ease to personalize this tie to make yourself stand out. A pin dot tie navy or any other pattern in navy will make you stand out and go effortlessly with various outfits.

3. Necktie With Muted Colors And Patterns

A tie that has an elegant pattern is a step down from a formal men’s tie. It is acceptable for formal occasions but is more traditional, and you can still wear it with impunity at most events.

There are many designs you can choose from. 

The most popular is a polka-dot pattern. In other cases, you can switch to dibangu. Be careful not to use too many colors and limit more than three colors on the tie. 

4. Emerald Green Tie

If you’re trying to make an impressive fashion statement with your tie, then an emerald-green tie is a must for your closet. The vibrant color often found in classic floral designs will make heads turn and give any dress an extra punch of energy. 

Emerald green symbolizes luck, and when you pair it with the right accessories, such as pockets Square or a crisp white dress shirt, it shouts class. Emerald green ties are highly versatile and work equally well with standard fashions like tailored wool suits and fine wool trousers.

5. The Bow Tie

Even if you do not intend to attend an event with a tie, it is a good idea to have a bright bow tie in your closet. It is possible to replace a traditional tie with the same bow for casual attire. It can alter the look of an outfit, making it more casual, but delicate bows that are patterned are typically suitable for work. 

Bow ties are ideal for experimentation. If you’re uncertain about trying something new, Why not jump in and put it on with the bow tie? The more striking patterns are usually more prevalent in bows and are often regarded as odd. 

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