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A new breed of consumer goods companies is revolutionizing how popular items might be made accessible to everyone. One pioneer is Boston-based ecommerce group Thrasio, which purchases third party businesses selling essential worddocx everyday items up to $1 million and then optimizes and operates them for growth through marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), product development and supply chain management services.

The company reports it has acquired and combined over 100 brands (and 15,000 products) selling on Amazon, such as Angry Orange hdxwallpaper pet deodorizers and stainers, SafeRest mattress protectors, ThisWorx car cleaning supplies. Now the business boasts a team of brand managers, video production experts, supply chain specialists and growth marketers to manage these operations effectively.

Amazon FBA businesses with proven success and plenty of customer reviews have been acquired by Amazon Marketplace telesup and optimized to sell on the platform, increasing sales, increasing profits, outperforming other sellers on Amazon. Furthermore, it helps these brands expand their broader reach by developing and opening new retail stores as well as other distribution channels.

Data science and analytics help the company happn identify brands with exponential growth potential and acquire them rapidly and scalable. It then utilizes its brand managers, video production specialists, supply chain specialists, as well as growth marketers to assist these businesses in becoming successful sellers on Amazon’s Marketplace.

Investors such as Oaktree Capital, Advent International, Harlan Capital and Upper90 have invested heavily into Thrasio in recent roobytalk years; Silver Lake led a recent round that increased their valuation to between $5-10 billion, according to CEO Josh Silberstein.

Competition in this space is fierce, with several aggregators such as SellerX, Branded, Heyday, Heroes and Perch looking to acquire thousands of sellers across various categories. Furthermore, other VCs are increasingly seeing it as an opportunity to invest in roll-up businesses that can expand beyond Amazon’s ecosystem into other marketplaces and sales channels as well as direct D2C sales.


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