Tips For Easily Renting Your Home

Whether you are a seasoned landlord or a new landlord on the real estate market, renting out a home yourself or with the help of a real estate agent is not always easy. In addition, ” the rental property market being more complicated than before the pandemic, especially where there is less movement, because fewer expatriates and therefore less demand, the properties rented out must now be very well prepared to maintain their price. Here are tips for renting your home such as houses to rent Burnley for example with peace of mind.

1. Refresh Your Property Regularly

“To remain competitive with other properties, it is necessary to carry out some refreshments such as repainting the walls, redoing the joints, cleaning the frames, etc. This helps to keep the property in good condition, and that is a world of difference compared to other properties on the market. Normally, tenants are expected to return the property to their landlord in the condition in which they received it at the start of the lease. If they damage the paintwork, they have to repaint it themselves

2. Equip Your Home

“It must be shown that the owner has installed additional things compared to other apartments: put curtain rails, even curtains, blinds, put a holder for toilet paper which goes even further far: “You can also install the lights; all that remains, it does not cost very much, and it is quickly amortized by the rent.”

” Built-in cupboards, light fixtures, blinds, washing machine, dryer, these are ancillary equipment that the tenant does not want to install, pay for and that he would see very favorably if they are integrated. Expatriates are even more sensitive to these additional services. ” This allows the tenant to avoid too much expense and to put down his suitcases quickly.

But if the “equipped” apartment is the key to success in the rental market, the specialists are more mixed for the “furnished” apartment. Everything depends, first of all, on the type of owner: “The good father who does not want to be too disturbed, not to have too much turnover, does not have too much interest in renting his furnished property, which is more of interest to a population of expatriates, for short-term rentals and therefore involves more turnover and management.

3. Show Off Your Assets

A good location, beautiful architecture, clarity, large spaces, beautiful finishes (moldings, marble, parquet, etc.), a green environment, gardens, a terrace, ease of access, proximity to certain facilities (shops, hospitals, transport, etc.) are all elements to highlight in the real estate ad. “The energy aspect, the PEB, is increasingly considered by the tenant.” If the PEB is relatively good, it is also an asset to highlight because it allows the tenant to make some energy savings.

4. Be Comprehensive

The ad must be as complete as possible: photos of each room and a detailed property description. “But there’s no point in playing with superlatives like ‘magnificent duplex,’ ‘prized neighborhood.’ An ad must be factual. “Also, think about putting a plan of the property in the photos. It allows interested parties looking for two rooms, for example, to realize the size of the rooms or to know how to arrange them.”

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