Tips on FFXIV Gil Farming

As an MMPROG player, Final Fantasy 14 is among the best games you play. However, the main challenge is acquiring enough FFXIV Gils to purchase items. Therefore, to surpass challenges in this game you require millions of Gils.

But how does one farm enough FFXIV Gils? Today we inform you about the effective tips on how to farm Gils. Additionally, we also cover the most common method of earning this FF14 currency which is to buy Gil FFXIV.

Ways of Farming Final Fantasy 14 Gil

In this section, we cover the ways to get a hold of the Gil economy. The following are the tips you must apply to get lots of FFXIV Gils.

1. Unlocking the Gemstone Traders and Reselling the Items

Since the start of gemstone traders in Shadowbringers this has gone on to be among the best ways to farm FFXIV Gils. As a player when you finish all zones the game unlocks a special vendor. This allows a player to access new items like furniture, Chocobo bardings, and minions which you can sell and earn FF14 Gils.

2. Crafting and Gathering

When you become a professional crafter, it gives you a chance to make items that a user can sell. The Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t have lots of items on sale. Thus, when you craft and gather these items, you stand a chance of selling and earning lots of Gils.

3. Making and Selling Weapons

One of the best-selling weapons in Final Fantasy 14 is the boss-themed firearm. Most players always want to purchase this weapon. Due to the demand the price of this item skyrockets over time. Therefore, to reap high amounts of Gil ensure you make a weapon for a difficult boss as there are chances of it selling at a high price.

4. Glamour Gear

Don’t hesitate to earn millions of Gil. This is through the glamour gear. This is a fashionable gear but the most expensive. Therefore, when you have the glamour gear as a player you have an item that can rake in lots of FFXIV Gils.

5. Selling Housing Items

Décor is vital in a house and Final Fantasy 14 players look for the ideal housing items. So, as a player, you have a chance to sell valuable house items and get Gils that will enable you to get other items to complete challenges while playing FFXIV.

6. Collecting Master or Unlockable Recipes

For crafting to take place a player is required to have recipes. However, some recipes are not accessible to every player. Known as unlockable recipes one must go past level 50. Therefore, to have this and sell them to crafters you must be at the highest level.

7. Completing Tasks

FFXIV provides players with tasks that they can complete daily or weekly. On successful completion, you get rewards and one of them is the FFXIV Gil. Therefore, the more tasks you finish successfully the greater number of Gils you earn.

So, what are you waiting for? Use these seven tips to farm Final Fantasy XIV Gils. Also, remember to visit U7BUY to get the best deals when it comes to FFXIV.

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