Top 5 Lucrative Offers for New Members on Maxim88 Malaysia

In Malaysia, Maxim88 is among the most-played and trusted online casino Malaysia among experienced bettors. This is understandable as the gambling platform provides basic products and services to have a memorable online gaming experience. Starting from the point of registration to withdrawing your winnings, the process is smooth and friendly. As a new member, you can complete your account registration in a few minutes. Now, you can deposit into your account using any of the popular payment methods in Malaysia.

Choosing from the available games can be exciting as you get to explore various options. On Maxim88, patrons get to pick from various bets in different sports markets. Also, fishing games, slot games, and live casino Malaysia games are available with a wide array of themes, payouts, and RTP. In short, it is always betting and gaming galore on the luxurious online casino. Additionally, players get lucrative offers from the gaming platform.

When it comes to bonuses and promos, Maxim88 is arguably the most generous gambling site. The brand offers bonuses to new and returning bettors, regardless of their preferred games. In other words, whether you play fishing games, slot games, or bets on sports or computer games, you will find offers that you’ll be eligible for. In this way, players have a better chance of winning. If you are new to online casino, you can be overwhelmed by the incredible list of bonuses in Maxim88. However, you need to worry – learn about the top five offers that you can get started with below:

1. Michael Owen Welcome Bonus

Currently, this is arguably the most popular bonus on the entertaining site. Since the online casino entered an ambassadorial deal with the renowned Footballer, it has created the Michael Owen Welcome Bonus to honor the partnership. Aside from being an honor for such a prolific striker during his playing days, the welcome bonus is popular because it gives you a chance to win 225% of your initial bonus. Also, it is easy and straightforward to qualify and apply.

To become eligible for Michael Owen Welcome Bonus, you need to be a new member. Also, you are required to deposit the minimum amount of MYR 50 to your preferred member. Once you have met the requirement, you can then apply. Simply proceed to your account and choose the transfer option. Now, submit the amount to be sent to your preferred wallet, depending on your game choice. Afterward, choose the MO Welcome Bonus from the dropdown menu. Be informed that you need to achieve a turnover 28 times on your deposit. 

2. 100% Welcome Bonus

Here is another highly recommendable bonus for new members of Maxim88. Once you access the promo page, you will find the 100% Welcome Bonus in the “All” and “New Member” categories. Endeavor to stroll down to the bottom of the categories to find the impressive offer. Otherwise, you may not notice the offer. Every new member stands a chance of qualifying for the offer. Afterward, you need to apply to get the bonus. 

To qualify, you need to be a new member and a first-time depositor on Maxim88. Additionally, you need to deposit and transfer at least MYR 50 to your preferred provider of slot games, fishing games, or sports games. Note that Game Play, Microgaming, Playtech, Mega888, Pussy888, and 918Kiss are not allowed a 100% Welcome Bonus. After depositing into the permissible wallet, proceed to the dropdown menu to choose the applicable bonus option. If you pick slot game provider wallet, choose the 100% Welcome Bonus Slot. Select 100% Welcome Bonus Sports if you have chosen a sportsbook provider wallet. 

3. Maxim88 Weekly Cash Back

This offer is among the most harness bonuses on Maxim88 because it is useful for both newbies and returning members. It’s even more recommended for newbies because the first few weeks don’t always go according to plan. Thus, you need every help you can get to win more and reduce your losses. This is where Maxim88 Weekly Cash Back. After your first week, it is possible that you have incurred some losses. You can use this bonus to get back some of your lost funds. 

To use Weekly Cash Back, it is important to have incurred at least MYR 1,000 across the week. Automatically, the Maxim88 algorithm will calculate your net loss to determine whether you are eligible or not. If you qualify for the offer, you can claim the bonus from the providers except for Allbet. As a regular patron, you get back 3% of your net loss, while 4%, 6%, and 8% are returned to Classic & Silver, Gold & Platinum, and Crockford’s members, respectively. Be informed that the bonus is capped at MYR 8,888. Also, you must have accrued a turnover and winover of 12 times and four times, respectively. 

4. Maxim88 App Reward Program

As a new patron of Maxim88, here is another important bonus to look out for. Maxim88 App Reward Program is basically free money. It is designed to encourage members to use Maxim88 App, which improves gaming convenience. With the app, you can bet and play your favorite games on the go. You don’t need to carry your PC around to stake bets. Simply download the app and install it to access your Maxim88 casino account. 

Once a registered member downloads the app and uses it, they become eligible for the Maxim88 App Reward Program. However, you need to speak with customer service to verify your use. After a successful verification, the representatives will issue the bonus to you within two days. Note that you need to accrue turnover twice to claim the offer. 

5. Crypto Deposit Bonus

This is not for every newbie because you need to deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether to qualify for the offer. If you don’t have crypto currently, you can exchange your fiat currency for virtual currencies using a crypto wallet such as Binance. So, anyone can still take advantage of the offer as long as they have cryptocurrency. 

To utilize the Crypto Deposit Bonus, you need to deposit any of the accepted cryptocurrencies into your wallet. The minimum amount is MYR 2,000. However, if you can manage to deposit more than the equivalent of MYR 5,000 in cryptocurrency, you get to win a bigger bonus. Eligible patrons need to tap the apply button on the bonus to complete the necessary documentation. Afterward, the bonus will be sent to your preferred provider’s wallet. 


Maxim88 has put in place the basic elements and extra services for players to win on the gaming platform. It’s left to a patron to take advantage of the numerous products and services. Among the most exciting offers you can harness on Maxim88 are Michael Owen Welcome Bonus, 100% Welcome Bonus, Maxim88 Weekly Cash Back, Maxim88 App Reward Program, and Crypto Deposit Bonus. These offers are relatively easy to qualify for and complete the application process. If you need any further assistance, feel free to speak with Maxim88 customer support. 

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