When should alar reduction surgery be performed?

When should surgery for alar reduction surgery be done? Or how to call it a blooming nose? And how much bloom should be cut? Can Botox injections really reduce the size of the wings of the nose? How many nose wings are cut enough? Will it be a scar after cutting it? If cut and the nostrils will converge or not? The writer would like to write the following questions: For the benefit of the general public in the manner of composing a conversation Because most patients don’t ask or don’t want to ask, they just think that they can be cut smaller is enough.

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* Shortening the wings of the nose

Patient: Doctor, do you think I should cut off the wings of my nose?

Writer: And do you think my nose is blooming?

Patient: Well, it doesn’t look blooming normally. But when you smile, look blooming

Writer : So the writer said no surgery needed. Botox injections are better

Patient: Can Botox injections help?

Usually we will say who has the wing of the nose. must look from an imaginary line drawn from the head of the eye to cut straight down on both sides of the nose If the wings of the nose go out of This imaginary line exceeding 2 millimeters is considered to have flared wings. The part that will bloom more and less, you have to look at whether the nostrils are narrow or wide. and thick or thin nose wings

In addition, the upper jaw bone must be looked at whether it is protruding more or less (or means that the teeth are overturned or not). Because under the wing of the nose there is a tendon attached to the underside of the upper jaw bone. So if the upper jaw is protruding a lot, the wings of the nose will bloom a lot. Let’s continue to look at the conversation.

Writer : Yes, but Botox does not reduce the size of the wings of the nose as you understand. But it inhibits the muscles and tendons that hold the wings of the nose (Levator labii Superior Alaeque nasi + Levator labii superioris + Zygomaticus major) when the patient smiles.

   Therefore, if the patient does not have the wings of the nose that bloom according to the ergonomics, but will bloom. When smiling, the author will suggest Botox injections. to stop the work of the muscles when smiling. So when you smile, you won’t bloom (But I’m not saying that I can smile as usual.) But more importantly, if the wings of the nose are more than 4 millimeters above the imaginary line mentioned above, the whole bottle of Botox cannot be reduced

Patient : I think if my writer said it would bloom. (After finishing The patient made the wing of the nose open for you to see.)

Writer: Hmm…writer, let me check. (Press your hand on the wing of the nose)

Writer: Writer, may I ask? Can you breathe like this?

Patient: I can breathe.

Writer: (The writer shows the mirror to look at the wing of the nose) Is this small enough?

Patient: Can I get a smaller one?

Writer: (Pressing his hand on the wing of the nose more than before) That’s all?

Patient: Can I have a smaller one, please?

Writer: And now you can breathe like normal?

Patient: Yes!

Writer : (Pressing his hand to the wing of his nose more) That’s all? Can you still breathe normally?

Patient: …(silence)

Writer: The writer says that’s enough. It’s green. Cut more than this, you won’t be able to breathe. As for exhaling, you don’t have to think at all. If cut this size, walk away from the front of the clinic. The page is green. Nose wings, if cut And can’t take it back. Nostrils to allow air to pass in and out. If you cut too much, you will feel abnormal breathing, not the same, it will be difficult to live.

Patient: Yes, that’s all. So what kind of surgery will you do? Are there wounds on the outside or inside?

Writer: If you are a person with a thick nose, a lot of meat, you can’t cut the inside. I need to cut it outside Because the meat has to be cut off, otherwise it will not be small. For the incision inside the nostril (inside cut), often used for the alar case. Less meat, but the nostrils are very open. In this case, it is usually cut inside. The purpose of cutting the inside is mainly to reduce the size of the nostrils.

Patient: Like a mouse, the wings of the nose are large, the wing area is thick, the nostrils are open, which method is suitable?

Writer: This must be a combination of methods.

Patient: What kind?

Writer : The outer wings have to be cut. Then sew the inner nostrils like this. It will be able to make the wings and nostrils smaller.

Patient: Will this be a scar? Because all of my friends who went to surgery and cut off the outer wings of the nose saw that they all had scars.

Writer: This one is difficult to answer. But the writers are more risk-based.

  1. Is it normal to get scars easily? Is it a keloid scar?
  2. Is the skin on the T-Zone of the face usually oily?
  3. If the original wing of the nose is very large When the wings are reduced, there is often a scar. Therefore, if the patient is at risk as the writer said in the 3 items above, do not risk having the alar cut off. because scars can occur. It’s not worth it, even though you can make up and fade it.

Patient: Doctor, last question. Then, like a rat, cut off its wings. Will the nostrils go down?

Writer: (pretending to think) Prepare your mind!!!!!

This is the story of surgery that sometimes cutting it out is equally important.

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