Why is Singapore Math the Best (But Why Students Also Still Need a Math Tutor in Singapore)

The Singapore math syllabus is one of the best – if not the best – curriculums in the world. This math curriculum was curated by the Singapore Ministry of Education and focuses on the mastery of specific concepts by learning them in detail. When the curriculum was developed in the 1980s, the ministry also developed exclusive maths textbooks for Singapore students only that emphasised problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Before the 1980s, Singapore’s math students never registered on any international rating chart. A decade after the new curriculum was introduced, Singapore went all the way to the top. Of course, this also caused some problems with students with maths difficulties or whose learning styles were not maths oriented. Because of this, many parents searched for services from a math tutor in Singapore. If you’re searching for a maths tutor, get started with FamilyTutor.

Singapore is the world’s maths leader

In 1995, the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study started ranking math literacy competitiveness around the globe. Singapore has consistently ranked among the top 5, sometimes alternating between 1st and 2nd place for more than 3 decades. In many competitions, only Singapore students can solve unstructured problem-solving equations in unfamiliar contexts.

Singapore math prioritises mastery, not just learning for a test

Singapore’s math curriculum mostly focuses on fewer topics but in greater depth. Students aren’t just taught equations to reach an answer; they are taught how the equation works. At every grade level in Singapore, 13 to 15 concepts are taught to hammer home critical thinking skills.

Singapore maths builds a strong foundation in the early years

The curators of Singapore’s maths curriculum understood that everything should begin with a strong foundation of maths concepts in the primary and elementary years. This is to ensure that future concepts are understood based on this foundation as students move forward in each grade level and require little to no re-learning of past topics.

Singapore maths is sequential

Singapore’s maths curriculum is structured in the proper sequence to allow students to learn easier. Students will be able to build on the acquired knowledge and strong foundation they learned in their early years. Some students even find learning new concepts easier like it was just connecting the dots.

Singapore maths uses visual aids

For a stronger foundation and learning, students solve maths problems with visual aids or even physical objects such as bar models, graphs, wooden blocks, buttons, etc. This greatly helps students to improve their comprehension and understanding of maths concepts as they can connect the dots to solve the problem. Even complicated equations are shown using visual aids. Since secondary and tertiary maths requires students to have a sturdy foundation at the elementary level, the curriculum ensures students learn all topics in greater depth rather than covering as many topics as possible.

Why you need to get started with FamilyTutor

Again, despite the country’s maths curriculum being a factor in giving Singapore students top world ratings, as they say, not everyone is a maths person. There will still be students who will find learning maths difficult, especially in a large classroom environment. So, when parents decide to search for a reliable math tutor in Singapore, they only need to contact FamilyTutor.

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