Will ChatGPT Take Your Job?

It delivers content in seconds! Does it mean the end of writing?

ChatGPT was recently rolled out in November 2022.

Unlike other AI tools on the market, it’s a chat prompt. Probably, that’s what makes it surprisingly remarkable. Content creators and tech marketers are buzzing around the endless possibilities of using this fascinating tool.

ChatGPT is perhaps the only one that is on the headlines. But, there are other AI tools that help are even helping people in educational video production.

And, there are thousands concerned about their jobs. What takes them hours to craft, this AI genius can generate in minutes. Most novice writers feel like it’s the end of their job.

But, wait!

Google recently notified that AI-generated content might result in a manual penalty. It’s also something that concerns most SEO professionals.

The E for ‘Experience’ in EEAT guidelines for content creation has been added by Google for a very particular reason.

Some experts also believe:

Google might not detect high-quality AI content.

For the experience part:

We know that ChatGPT is trained in machine learning. Since it’s not human. It will always be discounted for the experience.

And, that might just surprise people loving AI content with their pages dropping in SERPs.

Though ChatGPT can produce quality content, the technology is still in its infancy.

Moreover, while Google has laid out clear guidelines to discourage the use of AI tools, it is worth mentioning that AI content generation is a process.

And, make no mistake, when well-supervised by humans, the quality can improve significantly. You can even voice the content and help the GPT adapt your tone.

With ChatGPT promising so much, our minds can’t help, but ponder the question:

Will ChatGPT take my job?

This blog will find a more comprehensive answer to this question.

So, let’s dive right in.

Professions facing competition from ChatGPT

When it comes to cutting down jobs, the discussion is mostly around SEO and writing. But, it’s worth knowing that with the emergence of GPT-AI, our experience with such tools will only get better.

AI is the catalyst that will change our job landscape. There’s no doubt.

There are many professions and this could be an exhaustive list. However, for now, we will focus on five top professions.

SEO Professionals

I am not surprised that SEO tops the list. ChatGPT itself is remarkable and has the potential to learn at a breakneck speed.

SEO is also important for digital marketing, according to SEO specialist and SEO expert Paul Hoda.

But, for now, it’s not a substitute for shrewd SEO guys working in your marketing team. They have been around the blocks. They know their game.

And, for the learning part, the human element is critical. SEO guidelines are transforming. As mentioned above, Google doesn’t want poor-quality content. Plus, AI detection would play a key role in defining the job landscape of the future.


  • Invest in creating value for the user (UI/UX)
  • Create content around EEAT guidelines
  • Look beyond search intent


The launch has been horrifying for some. In fact, some top writers have reflected on their experience. And, they believe it would reduce their work significantly.

Poor writers need to adapt. The tool has enormous potential to learn and deliver beyond the capabilities of an average writer.

For the future, the game would be on personal branding. With AI helping writers, it would be a game of speed as well as quality.


  • Invest in more result-focused writing (draw engagements)
  • Hone your voice
  • Look beyond ghostwriting gigs (It’s time to build your name).

Sales Professionals

Buyers are never rational. Being a guy working in marketing for years, I know it for a fact.

Again, robots might be good at bombarding written content, but I am not sure if anyone would love to buy from a robot.

Customers want to be appreciated. More than that, they would always cheer for more personalized customer service.

Though that sounds too demanding, AI is progressive. And, the tools that we have at our disposal today, promise an unimaginable degree of change.

While they may be the catalyst in it, the human element is critical. Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful.

Pro Tips:

  • Focus on areas related to relationship building.
  • It might be the perfect time to look beyond jobs that have repetitive tasks.


Needless to say, ChatGPT is exquisite with research. But, sadly the data it provides is limited to 2021. It has no live access. Though there are some exciting integrations.

But, for educators, it’s good news!

No, ChatGPT can’t take your job at least for the next few years. Human interaction is critical for learning. We can’t ignore the value human presence adds to our classroom experiences.

But, supposing a situation like the pandemic plays out in the future, then these technologies might play an important role.

And, there’s another fascinating trend of explainer videos. That are not just creatively engaging, but require minimal human presence.

Besides that, a concern that is making headlines across socials is cheating with ChatGPT.

Frankly, there are organizations working for that.

And, that also raises a point for ethical use of the technology.

How can we have full control?

How can we ensure that we have AI to progress the right way?

It would be truly interesting to see how developments in the ethical use of AI will pan out in the future.

Pro Tips:

  • Invest more in interactive learning.
  • Research and document Contact learning outcomes.


For programmers, GPT is writing code in seconds. That’s thrilling!

Remember the days you would sit in front of your computer for hours?

You used to knock keys with your fingers for hours, and must have ended up with a digital strain (for the umpteenth time).

It’s hurtful. It’s draining. And, the coding part is a real stretch.

It doesn’t have to be anymore.

GPT tech can write your code.

But wait!

There’s no guarantee (as of now) that it will be free of errors and mistakes. So, you need solid programming acumen to leverage the power of this tool.

In my opinion, programmers don’t face a real challenge. GPT would advance in the coming months. With updates due to roll out, we can expect that GPT would eliminate the need for boilerplate code.

For generic functions and other stuff, it would serve as an efficient alternative.

Pro Tip:

  • Keep learning more and stay updated with the advancement of the tool.

Final thoughts

Let’s wrap it up. ChatGPT is real quality. But, it has its downsides. Google’s guidelines around AI content would play a key role.

But since the technology is progressive, it’s best to say people should leverage its power to level up their game, particularly writers.

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